Twitter coverage of StoryWorld Conference 2011

Twitter coverage of StoryWorld Conference 2011

Opening Keynote - The New Power of Story

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"'Authors' and the 'audience' co-create fictional worlds." Coming keynote w/ webeharebrained StoryWorldConf #swc11 (link)

Opening Keynote at StoryWorldConf Jordan Weisman & storycentral "The New Power of Story." 8:30aPT | Hashtag: #swc11 (link)

Jordan Weisman is a nytimes bestselling #author and founded webeharebrained StoryWorldConf #swc11 (link)

"Rather than acknowledge" that our memories are faulty, "we make it up...we need to tell stories." webeharebrained #swc11 (link)

"Every time we invent a new communications technology...we fall back on a previous form" at first. webeharebrained #swc11 (link)

"We've been in this part" of storytelling historical tradition and process "for a thousand years." webeharebrained #swc11 (link)

"The rate of change we're going through now in how we create content is amazing." Norman Weisman (webeharebrained) #swc11 (link)

"An audience reassembles the pieces" of a story as our brains "reassemble fragments of memory." webeharebrained #swc11 (link)

Challenges in #transmedia include *distribution*: "What's going to make it to the public and what isn't?" webeharebrained #swc11 (link)

"As we move from linear to interactive narrative, software engineering" becomes our next challenge. webeharebrained #swc11 (link)

Challenges in #transmedia include *content discoverability*: "900,000 #ebooks on Amazon" and growing. webeharebrained #swc11 (link)

Challenges in #transmedia include *creation flow*: Not one-way flow, but "'shared' continual creation" now webeharebrained #swc11 (link)

"Breaking down walls between content types becomes true #transmedia" and is our goal today webeharebrained #swc11 StoryWorldConf (link)

"All face-to-face experiences are infinitely better than remote experiences." Jordan Weisman (webeharebrained) #swc11 #dbw #bib11 (link)

From Stories to Storyworlds

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Cory Smith of fwmedia introduces briansethhurst to moderate "From Stories to Storyworlds, a panel. StoryWorldConf #swc11 (link)

Panel includes ZKadison Jean-Francois Rodriguez LizRosenthal and dtoc #swc11 (link)

"Not every great story requires or can support scale...but the audience expects multi-platform." dtoc #swc11... (link)

"The story is very important but we think technology can make a new world in stories." morganbouchet #swc11... (link)

"If somebody developed a series as a profitable book that proved a concept, studios would come calling." ZKadison #swc11 (link)

"I'm beginning to see the more powerful storytellers be able to hold back their rights." Moderator BrianSethHurst #swc11 (link)

What's the responsibility of the storyteller to the world he or she creates? Moderator BrianSethHurst #swc11 (link)

"It's (a) collective body, guiding a ship, whose job is to manage" the franchise of content property. ZKadison #swc11 (link)

"Knowing how many partners you're going to have...the right people to collaborate with" is the storyteller's job dtoc #swc11 (link)

PowerToThePixel discusses where the "touch point" of a project is. Eyes on the Skies is her example, touch point: film. #swc11 (link)

What happens when people co-opt your storyworld? When you're the creator but others jump on? Moderator BrianSethHurst #swc11 (link)

"I think you have to welcome it," says PowerToThePixel, when your storyworld/brand is iterated/evolved by others. #swc11 (link)

"As a creator you want to reward your audience...not all creators WANT their work crowd-sourced." dtoc #swc11 (link)

"Engagement becomes the key. Stories need to engage a consumer...a game can be an engine in #transmedia." morganbouchet #swc11 (link)

"I think opportunities will be on emerging stories (not yet) in popular culture" for fan fiction development. ZKadison #swc11 (link)

Debate here is whether traditional entertainment structure can welcome fan fiction. Can revenue justfity if? #swc11 (link)

"This is not a generational thing, it's a way-of-thinking thing." Patrice, an attendee, re: fan fiction development #swc11 (link)

"If you're going to tell a story, whatever avenue you go down is going to constrain you in others" $$-wise. ZKadison #swc11 (link)

Video Storytelling 2.0 is Multilinear, Social and Interconnected

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fwmedia's Cory Smith welcomes johngilles of Coincident_TV and David Gale of mtvxmedia #swc11 (link)

johngilles "We think we're seeing the end of the textual internet, and start of the broadcast Net." #swc11 (link)

johngilles is citing successes of the Coincident_TV operation (which is a sponsor of StoryWorldConf ) #swc11 (link)

David Gale of mtvxmedia takes the podium in this 15-minute Coincident_TV segment of the conference. #swc11 (link)

After the $5 Cover preso MTV-X David Gale and johngilles take a couple of questions / via Coincident_TV #swc11 (link)

johngilles says Coincident_TV is working on two(and more) screens coordinating to break up functionality. #swc11 (link)

johngilles says Coincident_TV is seeing "dramatic increases" in commerce transactions.David Gale talks engaged ads. #swc11 (link)

David Gale says that elements of properties have been used on MTV proper, some cross purposing successful. #swc11 (link)

Creating Content that Flows: From Concept to Contract to Launch

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Contentflow: In the coming panel, Lenny Brown is director of Creative & Business Development with THQ Fun_Video_Games #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: In the coming panel, Brent Friedman BFree63 is president of Electric Farm Entertainment #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: In the coming panel, Trish Pasternak is a #transmedia producer with randomhouse Worlds #swc11 (link)

Contentflow panel at StoryWorldConf is beginning, moderator robpratten of Transmedia Storyteller Ltd. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: robpratten illustrates a #transmedia pathway with standalone elements, and one with layered elements. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Lenny Brown of THQ points out that "it's hard to realize the potential" of multiple components. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Lenny Brown of THQ talks of how a major TV network release is distinct from a game rollout's timing. (Syfy with THQ) #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Brown: "About the time we were doing Homefront" "we got to know randomhouse" & Trish Pasternak #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Lenny Brown: "We need to be smart about it. Not everything deserves #transmedia. It's got to be about the idea." #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Lenny Brown: "You can have uninformed people working" on a #transmedia project, so that it spirals out of control. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Lenny Brown: "Don't be afraid to put an idea out there. People want to help. Storytelling is shared experience." #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Lenny Brown: THQ will be working again with randomhouse on a follow to Homefront, having had a good experience. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Brent Friedman BFree63 is president of Electric Farm Entertainment #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 is talking about Valemont for MTV -- the brief was to create discrete 3-screen simultaneous content. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont "MTV wanted to use TV to promote online...and when have you ever heard that?" (not often) #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont "We created a site called Valemont University" w/ a partner via MTV -- Verizon. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont "We decided to have a replicate experience online (from mobile)." Users were students at VU. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont: Verizon's need was exclusive content for its V CAST program = early run of Valemont episodes. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont: "We didn't have people who could build websites or ARGs, (so) we hired who we needed." #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont: "The biggest advantage we had was that this was *designed* to be a #transmedia project." #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont: "So many people were finding the show through different and discrete channels." #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont: "We thought we were so smart to create a university 'in character' -- no forum." #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont: MTV freaked out to discover that a fan forum had been created, but it met the need of a forum. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont: "We found ways to engage the partnerships. Everyone brought value to the table." #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 is showing a video on the Valemont project, here at Storyworldconf in San Francisco. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Now, we hear from Tricia Pasternak of RandomHouse Worlds.She talks of being captivated by the Tolkien. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: "We hope our #authors transform the ways they think of #storytelling" at RandomHouse Worlds. Tricia Pasternak #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: RandomHouse Worlds' Tricia Pasternak echoes Lenny Brown's comments about their THQ collaboration (Homefront). #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Tricia Pasternak: "We're working on creating a story bible with THQ" and projects that will begin as #books. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: robpratten, moderator, asks about the assumption that audiences will move from one platform to another in #transmedia. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Lenny Brown of THQ: Show the user that the brand is big, supported, not going away (in various formats). #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 on Valemont: Found that some only wanted 1 platform. Others subscribed to Verizon to get the content there. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 "One of our advantages was all things vampire...we seeded little clues about Valemont all over the Internet." #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 "When you put enough about something online, people click on it. We started months in advance." #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 "You can't sit back and wait for people to find you. You have to go create partnerships with your audience" #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Lenny Brown "A great game takes three years. A good one takes two." Re: working with RandomHouse Worlds #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 "Our goal was to create IP we owned 100%. The real money is in the long tail...revenue for decades to come." #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: BFree63 "It's a wonderful experience to own and control your own IP." (gets a round of applause) #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Good question from the audience about what happens when a fan base's fave IP closes as a franchise. #swc11 (link)

Contentflow: Lenny Brown: "Hopefully (fans) can continue down the line" to share their interests. "But who wants it under P&L?" #swc11 (link)

Contentflow panel now closes and we move to Lance Weiler in his talk "Disrupt: Storeies as R&D." Coming shortly. #swc11 StoryWorldConf (link)

Disrupt: Stories as R&D

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Contentflow panel now closes and we move to Lance Weiler in his talk "Disrupt: Storeies as R&D." Coming shortly. #swc11 StoryWorldConf (link)

LanceWeiler Talks about "Head Trauma" a "fiercely independent" film he made. 17-city release. DVD. Licensed to Warner Bros. #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler As the film went to VOD, "I created a series of live events...theatres, museums" using payphones (in 2007). #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler After people left the film (Head Trauma) they engaged in an interactive comic. (Lots of phoning going on.) #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler "Pandemic is a Lord of the Flies tale that affects only adults and leaves youth to their own devices." #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler "I'm really interested in how data can be used to drive stories, personalize them, make them relevant." #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler At Sundance, "I called it 'Pandemic 1.0.' I wanted to expand the world of the film. Initial outbreak stories." #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler "I'm interested in global to hyper-local" in contextual storytelling and letting the audience "break" a story. #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler Pandemic elements included: Film, book, comics, toys, urban gaming, mobile, online site & a CDC-like center. #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler | NFC = Near Field Communication. Weiler used 50 NFC phones and had tags around Park City at Sundance. #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler "We're taking the Pandemic data now and looking at..ways to do things on public health" based on results. #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler "I actually think those known as audience are ahead of storytellers...storytellers are behind the curve." #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler "When does a project" go to the audience to be sustained? "I still haven't solved that. "#swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler on Robot Stories,his educational initiative--ends in launching title figures into space. #swc11 StoryWorldConf (link)

LanceWeiler "The value and power of story will build the next generation of social applications & drive initiatives." #swc11 (link)

LanceWeiler "I'm constantly like a sponge, trying to get feedback..I don't mind failing quickly." #swc11 (link)

New Business Models - be small, think big, move fast

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christydena directs Universe Creation 101 UniverseC101 and TransmediaVic #swc11 (link)

Mike Knowlton is with Murmur #swc11 StoryWorldConf Day 1, afternoon session. (link)

Bizmodels: The title of this panel is "New Business Models – be small, think big, move fast" It's moderated by Tommy Palotta. #swc11 (link)

ianginn is with Transmedia Learning Network -- just did a 2-month pilot, he tells us. #swc11 (link)

ianginn In a two-month pilot "you create a whole lot of access to present to funders," etc. (20,000 euros on makeup) #swc11 (link)

"I was at the Louvre, did the Da Vinci Code audio tour, great sound design." christydena #swc11 (link)

"I came out of the Louvre wondering why we don't have audio tours of the web" with great sound design, etc. christydena #swc11 (link)

"So I'm bringing it out as an app people can buy, a pay-to-play model...curation of the web." christydena #swc11 (link)

"Strategically, it would be good for people to see what you can do with high production." christydena #swc11 (link)

"The app model has been a big opener for so many people." (Ref: Bjork & Brian Eno apps. )christydena #swc11 (link)

FrancoMedia "In the case of our project, we were pretty much self-funded. The business model changed every day." :) #swc11 (link)

FrancoMedia "We broke the narrative into 30 parts, released the first nine days free...good retention rate." (about 2/3) #swc11 (link)

"I've had the feeling that bottom-up (as in no-gatekeeper nature of #transmedia) is actually possible." ianginn #swc11 (link)

"You have to be very patient, persistent, guerrilla-like to attract your audience." ianginn of Transmedia Learning #swc11 (link)

Mike Knowlton of Murmur has projects that requires all of users' personal data..and we lost 50% at the permissions wall." #swc11 (link)

"Someone has said that Facebook is more about comments than conversations." Mike Knowlton #swc11 (link)

"I'm thinking long-term, rather than project to project," in part because business models are still in flux. christydena #swc11 (link)

"We ensured we had worldwide rights for everything we did, forever. A crucial thing for us." francmedia on sustainability #swc11 (link)

"So many persist in putting content on platforms...and keeping audiences on those platforms, not moving." christydena #swc11 (link)

Q&A ... question on getting initial funding before proof-of-audience (needs seed money). #swc11 (link)

You can pitch funding resources for R&D dollars (as seed money for the innovation & creation of a project). ianginn #swc11 (link)

Q&A - what lesson for #authors/creative people who are moving from silo to #transmedia collaboration? #swc11 (link)

"I'm always looking for creative technologists...who are interested in conversations and development together." #swc11 (link)

"I've also launched the website for a project while developing it (to learn reactions)." christydena #swc11 (link)

"Curiouser and Curiouser!" Narrative Design and Opportunities

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"Curiouser and Curiouser! Narrative Design and Opportunities" is our panel now at StoryWorldConf #swc11 (link)

Carolyn Handler Miller is a writer and narrative designer #swc11 (link)

Miller's book, Digital Storytelling, Second Edition: A creator's guide to interactive entertainment #swc11 (link)

geoffreylong is a transmedia producer in narrative design with Microsoft Studios #swc11 (link)

FrankRose, moderating, is a correspondent w/ WIRED and #author of The Art of Immersion #swc11 (link)

Aaron Archer, is VP in brand design and IP development with Hasbro HasbroNews #swc11 (link)

Miller invokes Alice in (rabbit hole) Wonderland, and geoffreylong talks of the rabbit hole's reinforced engagement. #swc11 (link)

Miller: "If an alien comes and sits at your bus stop, call this number." It was a promo for District 9. (rabbit hole) #swc11 (link)

FrankRose: "Many of the biggest entertainment properties weren't designed this way. What happened with Star Wars? #swc11 (link)

geoffreylong "I think of rabbit holes as almost hyperlink design, giving #readers other avenues to pursue." #swc11 (link)

FrankRose "But you're (Geoffreylong) talking about negative space, and I'm talking about a plethora." (rabbit holes) #swc11 (link)

geoffreylong "Who's that 7-foot-tall weird guy hanging out in the back?" (another story, another rabbit hole) #swc11 (link)

Carolyn Handler Miller talks of working stories from Toy Story, says "the least utilized character was Little Bo Peep." #swc11 (link)

geoffreylong (of Microsoft): At MIT "what I was looking at is what makes a #transmedia story different." #swc11 (link)

geoffreylong "There's a reason that 'Lord of the Rings' was written by a linguist." #swc11 (link)

geoffreylong "If you build 'negative space' into the architecture of story" as Tolkien did, the opportunities are there. #swc11 (link)

geoffreylong: e.g. Vader's iconic silhouette, voice. "Vader exists is recognizable in high-, low- and no-res media." #swc11 (link)

geoffreylong "Even if the build-out of a franchise never occurs, it makes that content so much richer." Cheese holes. #swc11 (link)

FrankRose "Is it possible to fall down your own rabbit hole? To forget your story? Lose your way?" #swc11 (link)

Flint Dille: "Frank Miller comes to me, says he wants to do a comic about the battle at Thermopylae. Great rabbit hole." #swc11 (link)

Flint Dille: "If it's a big enough world, you can never end it." #swc11 (link)

Flint Dille: "With Diablo, we wrote a book, a notebook from the world of Diablo as he researched everything." #swc11 (link)

Flint Dille: "I would argue that Area 51 is the best rabbit hole ever paid for by taxpayer money." #swc11 (link)

Flint Dille: "Have you ever caught yourself telling a story and realizing it's an urban myth?" You're in a rabbit hole. #swc11 (link)

Carolyn Handler Miller: "You want to be consistent, and have a world ready for when they slide down that rabbit hole." #swc11 (link)

Question from floor: Is there a consideration for ethical &/or moralissues in setting up the worlds of rabbit holes? #swc11 (link)

Flint Dille: "In comics, nobody cares if people get disembowelled but if you dent the Batmobile, you'll piss people off." #swc11 (link)

Q&A about rabbit hole technique and less fantastical, more realistic stories. #swc11 (link)

geoffreylong "I disagree that a rabbit hole has to be something you fall into every time." #swc11 (link)

Flint Dille brings up how a friend "cartoonifies" politics on a talk-radio show to the point you're in that rabbit hole. #swc11 (link)

Carolyn Handler Miller: "Non-profit organizations are good at this" to lead you to donate #swc11 (link)

Co-Managing in Collaboration with Stakeholders

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CoMgmt: Panelists include ZKadison of Black Light Transmedia #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Joel Gotler, well-known literary manager with Intellectual Property Group began his career in 1976. #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Christopher Kenneally (beyondthebook) is with the Copyright Clearance Center #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: And David Tochterman returns (dtoc), from Innovative Arts in Santa Monica #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: "The best preparation" for creative people "is to anticipate the questions" about cross-platform #transmedial work. dtoc #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Joel Gotler says that who controls rights is a fundamental challenge in many #transmedia discussions. #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: "Some would want to see legislation" for rights issues, "but that always goes against rights holders." beyondthebook #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Scott_Walker asks whether fair use protocol doesn't engage in many of these cases. #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: beyondthebook says "No one should assume they have the right to re-use at all," fair use may not prevail or be pertinent. #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: ZKadison Since Star Wars, "studios are afraid a filmmaker will come in and try to withhold rights." #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: ZKadison "When you go into a have to have all your partners lined up" to execute split rights. #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Scott_Walker asks about the costs of having representation that can secure the rights agreement you need. #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: ZKadison "Do not collaborate until you have an agreement in place." #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Joel Gotler reels off about 12 types of rights. "The rights that come from an IP are very hard to separate." #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: beyondthebook "If you work with an attorney, do it early" before any pieces of a project are in place. #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Joel Gotler "I would never enter a deal without an attorney anymore. 'Only a fool represents themselves?'--never been truer." #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Joel Gotler "We represent, say, 200 #authors and I don't know but maybe one or two who don't have an attorney." #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Q&A attorney: "Moving into this thicket without some kind of (legal) help is an accident looking for a place to happen." #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: ZKadison "No one wants to put their client at risk of violating Guild rules (in Hollywood)." #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: beyondthebook on Amanda_Hocking to Joel Gotler -- how good was her representation when she got her deal? #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Joel Gotler confirms that Amanda_Hocking had an agent, then an attorney and was in good shape for representation on her deal #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Q&A with panel: When will data become part of a deal that's brought to a table on an IP negotiation? #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: (The "data" being discussed here is the audience-leveraged value that accrues to a strong property that does well.) #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: ZKadison "Once you have these statistics" such as strong metrics on following, that relationship & data is a value. #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Q&A for panel "As a storyteller, how do I find one of these experienced #transmedia" attorneys? #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: ZKadison "Most Hollywood attorneys don't know the interactive or #publishing space." #swc11 (link)

CoMgmt: Q&A for panel, attendee says he has found attorneys willing to work with him (as ZKadison said is possible) at low cost. #swc11 (link)

It All Started With a Mouse

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Orrin Shively's day-opening talk at StoryWorldConf, "It all started with a Mouse" (Mickey) is at 8:30aPT / 11:30aET #swc11 #dbw #bib11 (link)

Orrin Shively: "When we build Disney theme parks, the first thing we ask ourselves is "what is the story?" #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively "Almost none of my designers are in the demographic of the intended audience" at Disney. #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively "What works well in America (for Disney) does not work well in Paris...we even designed ashtrays, ridiculous." #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively "There are regional audiences. What we call localizing, as it goes international, you have to think of those." #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively is asked by storycentral how Disney's people get to know aging audiences, regional audiences, etc. #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively "I send designers down to the park with a hungry, tired kid with a sensitive tummy... the less-than-ideal." #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively in conversation with storycentral, chair of StoryWorldConf, is talking about listening to audience. #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively "When we lay out a theme park, creating a visual magnet, a 'weenie,' (castle) reconfirms (a visitor's) choice." #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively The Main Street walkup to the Sleeping Beauty castle, for example, ramps you to the Disney weenie focal point. #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively storycentral notes that framework informs a user about what's expected of them. "It's guiding," says Shively. #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively Re: a rule to tell one story at a time. "You're immersed in Disneyland," in each section." (thematic control) #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively "We go to crazy lengths to maintain" the one-story-at-a-time context. "You see only Big Thunder Mountain." #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively Q&A "How do you manage the flow between different (Disney) worlds?" #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively "It's very orchestrated...the way-finding we use to direct the guest toward an experience, then away from it." #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively points out that Disney stories are relatively linear (so guests are pulled toward the next visible "weenie"). #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively is using Marty Sklar's "Mickey's 10 Commandments" for proper Disney development. #swc11 (link)

Orrin Shively The 9th point is to add "a ton of fun" to treatment. "Make sure it's while learning." #swc11 (link)

You can find "Mickey's 10 Commandments" discussed by Orrin Shively with storycentral here: #swc11 (link)

Worldbuilding & Mythology

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NarrDesign: Flint Dille: "Have you ever caught yourself telling a story and realizing it's an urban myth?" You're in a rabbit hole. #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez is speaking on "Worldbuilding and Mythology" #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "#Storytellers, at least the sensitive sort, began to build #narratives to make sense of their worlds." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez is talking about "How we can break out of the cocoon and start to connect with each other." #swc11 #dbw #ebee (link)

Jeff_Gomez 'Show me you care about this story world. Show me it's real.' He wanted proof-of-performance, even as a kid. #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "I wasn't seeing the worlds I could have embraced" in his youth. "The act of #writing, #drawing, was lonely, too." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez In finding Dungeons & Dragons, he discovered "a kind of intimacy I'd never have gotten with these guys." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez Jordan Weisman was one of the earliest supporters of the idea that #story could run across several platforms. #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez #Gaming "as an excuse to tell each other #stories." Nice phrase. #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "The concept is always the fun part...the message, not so much. So we get what I call 'joke properties.'"#swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "What it is that we have to say, from the bottoms of our hearts, is what has to distinguish what we're doing." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez A narrative's universe "is a reflection of you that stands up to scrutiny and deep analysis." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "In multi-platform narrative, you must write yourself into the story must infuse it with your soul." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "You've got to keep it (the message) basic because the means of #storytelling has become quite complex." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "Even as a minor have to infuse it with a touch of your soul." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez In material that comes to him, he finds that pain is missing. "The best messages are born of pain." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "Contemporary narrative tends to focus on yearning rather than true loss, true passion." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "There is something to be said for the new...desire to share with one another" such experiences as failure. #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "I give a talk to kids who are bullied...about when we're being ostensibly scarred by horrible behavior."#swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez Some emotional candor in Jeff's talk of personal pain in failure: "If you tell a good #story, there's a way out." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "You need to remember what you're communicating" across platforms, the aspirational nugget of your message. #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "Each piece" of a narrative across platforms "must have a beginning, middle, and end" of its own. #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "The #author needs to be a participant in the grand design, needs training" in #transmedia as a collaborator. #swc11 #dbw (link)

Jeff_Gomez "Every of us here has a story world in (his or her) heart...there are ways to connect with and teach each other." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "We create worlds, guys." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez Q&A follows Gomez's inspirational presentation on #transmedia and its potential in storytelling. #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "If you create an infrastructure for dialogue...we can do things that impact the real world." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "Even some of the big storytellers in Hollywood are becoming aware that it pays to enlarge the screen(s)." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "The fundamentals of mythology...archetypes, aspirational drivers...have not changed." #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "Even in the hallowed halls of Hollywood, they're beginning to think, 'Maybe we should tell better stories.'" #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez In other parts of the world, not even air-quotes around "#transmedia" = awareness of multiplatform as education. #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez "What multiplatform can do is poke holes through" societal curbs on personal freedom and aspiration. #swc11 (link)

Jeff_Gomez will work with Alison Norrington ( storycentral) to make his preso available online to us. #swc11 (link)

Introducing Demibooks - A World of Interactive books for Children

(all tweets by @Porter_Anderson)

MT mendicantraf: Porter_Anderson Jeff_Gomez will be a hard act to follow! Excellent talk from Jeff demibooks next #swc11 (link)

Rafiq Ahmed ( mendicantraf ) presents a 15-minute sponsor session now at StoryWorldConf on Demibooks #swc11 #dbw (link)

mendicantraf Demibooks Composer is "our first product...self-published #authors," et al, are using it. #swc11 (link)

mendicantraf Demibooks Composer monetizing paths: App Store and Composer Books, its own marketplace. #swc11 (link)

Measuring Multiplatform IP

(all tweets by @Porter_Anderson)

Now beginning the StoryWorldConf session on "Success & Measuring Multiplatform IP" #swc11 (link)

Gunther Sonnenfeld ( Goonth ) is a social entrepreneur and #transmedia creator #swc11 (link)

Ben Straley ( bstraley ) is CEO and co-founder of Meteor Solutions #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein is EVP and global managing partner with Universal McCann #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein: "You've got your end user and your advertiser "(in addition to more traditional "customer" roles). #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein "In understanding the path of the a marketer" there's a challenge following multiplatform use #swc11 (link)

bstraley "I don't think engagement is a simple metric. Is this experience something worth spending time on and sharing?" #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein "We use engagement, as well, not as an end result but as a proxy." #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein "People are not watching TV anymore, they're watching TV while on their laptop or their iPhone." #swc11 (link)

mikemonello (moderating) asks about high #socmed properties that then bomb as films (Snakes on a Plane, etc.) #swc11 (link)

bstraley Important thing to ask a storyteller "'What are you trying to achieve?' Then a measurement question has context." #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein "People whose social graph has a predominant product, your proclivity to buy it is up to 250% higher." #swc11 (link)

Goonth "Content and analytics are actually one and the same, in design experiences and behavior" (via #socmed). #swc11 (link)

goonth "How do we align communities" around #socmed interests? ..."Behavior is the true measure of success." #swc11 (link)

bstraley "Our platform allows content creators to see how that content is found...and is it driving a biz objective?" #swc11 (link)

bstraley As content creators measure, "they want to be able to find ways to reward behavior" that backs biz objectives. #swc11 (link)

bstraley "Measurement from data can inform thoughts and strategies around content and social drivers" to support it. #swc11 (link)

bstraley "The largest impact on creative the story is told. Should we be thinking video vs. game vs. static?" #swc11 (link)

bstraley "Ride public transportation...we're connecting or communicating through our social graph." #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein What people are "searching, looking at, talking about...content is the snow plow in front of you." #swc11 (link)

mikemonello "So content gets people in a state of can we influence behavior in other purchase?" #swc11 (link)

Goonth "Most people don't like ads. So ads are becoming publishing units...the paradigm shift is heading toward #story." #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein "If you're building cross-platform (you need to understand) where/when content consumption is happening." #swc11 (link)

Goonth "We cannot have a media plan we put together four quarters out...and say we're going to stick to that plan." #swc11 (link)

bstraley "Causal relations from Event A to Event B...for the most part that's not possible." #swc11 (link)

bstraley "Don't confuse causation and correlation...multivariant models are the best we can expect from technology today." #swc11 (link)

bstraley "The more people talk about you, the more of your content they share...all of those things actually matter." #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein "People go out and they curate...(they) define themselves through their social networks." #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein "Watch your target audience, they're telling you what's important...What's permeating their daily lives?" #swc11 (link)

Jeff Bernstein "Trying to put ourselves as sherpas through this morass: We watch our target audience." #swc11 (link)

Navigating The Silos

(all tweets by @Porter_Anderson)

The multiplatform measurement panel at StoryWorldConf is being followed now by "Navigating the Silos." #swc11 (link)

Moderator ivanovitch is head of digital media @ Lucasfilm and advisor to MIT's Convergence Culture Consortium #swc11 (link)

Moderator ivanovitch is polling the audience to see what sectors are represented. #swc11 (link)

ivanovitch Why do silos exist? Are there cases in which they're productive? Can we get past them and do better work? #swc11 (link)

John David Heinsen (bunnygraph ) is CEO and executive producer with Bunnygraph Entertainment #swc11 (link)

Rosie Allimonos is #transmedia commissioner and creative producer with BBC Drama, Films and Acquisitions #swc11 (link)

LisaHsia is EVP in digital media with Bravo #swc11 (link)

ivanovitch makes the point that from outside, it can be very hard to perceive the silos problem on the inside of production. #swc11 (link)

bunnygraph At FOX TV, dealt with programming, digital, marketing divisions...all impacting a show's reach to audience. #swc11 (link)

nicoletta_iaco makes the excellent point that in many organizations, communications can be one of the most insular silos. #swc11 (link)

Rosie Allimonos "Silos at the BBC are much the same...built on a system (modeled on) the MOD (Min. of Defense)." #swc11 (link)

Rosie Allimonos "I had to go to...join the SCUBA diving club at the BBC" to work around silo divisions, talk with associates. #swc11 (link)

LisaHsia "2 years ago, I was saying, 'We've got to make it like digital content really matters.' Pushed me into interactive." #swc11 (link)

LisaHsia tells of building up collateral good will with other silos' colleagues to reach across & develop #socmed at BravoTV #swc11 (link)

LisaHsia "My latest thing was I had to get out to the press" to raise the profile of #transmedia work at BravoTV #swc11 (link)

bunnygraph Recalls when TV outlets wouldn't run a URL for their own sites on-air, afraid viewers would leave for the web. #swc11 (link)

Rosie Allimonos was imbedded in Drama (at BBC)...the first success was to get myself onto the writers' meeting on Dr. Who. #swc11 (link)

Rosie Allimonos commissioned an outside games company to create #transmedia that extends Dr. Who at BBC beyond the show. #swc11 (link)

nicoletta_iaco "#Transmedia is not something up in the air, it's here to stay." #swc11 (link)

nicoletta_iaco Biggest silo challenge in international #transmedia is the legal silo." requires finding common denominators. #swc11 (link)

Rosie Allimonos "Don't pitch your project unless you've got a representative of each silo in the room. Set the groundwork." #swc11 (link)

LisaHsia "Advertisers are like silos, too. I had to find one advertiser who would understand all the pieces." #swc11 (link)

bunnygraph "You have to get a good line producer who can capture the elements" that can become #transmedia extensions. #swc11 (link)

ivanovitch "You have to think it through from the beginning...what do I say to marketing" to get buy-in on #transmedia? #swc11 (link)

nicoletta_iaco and LisaHsia describe cases in which new positions are being created to coordinate cross-production. #swc11 (link)

bunnygraph "These worlds are based in fear. Fear drives every decision." Hence the insular/protective silo dynamic. #swc11 (link)

Pitching and Selling Your Idea - Challenges and Parameters

(all tweets by @Porter_Anderson)

Starting now at StoryWorldConf is "Pitching and Selling Your Idea," moderated by JesseAlbert, a former senior agent with ICM #swc11 (link)

#MikeMonello is co-founder and executive creative director with Campfire ( campfirenyc ) #swc11 (link)

MikeMonello "I really think the (#transmedia) opportunity right now is for independents." #swc11 (link)

Toby Moores (Sleepydog) is an investor and entrepreneur. His company is Sleepydog #swc11 (link)

Kenneth Swezey is with Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard #swc11 (link)

MikeMonello "You've got to find a way to tell the story through the filter of whoever you're pitching." #swc11 (link)

MikeMonello shows the presentation document made for a pitch of TrueBlood material to HBO @ #swc11 (link)

Sleepydog "We do produce a little sizzle reel" as proof-of-production capability. "Test 1: what can I put on the table?" #swc11 (link)

Sleepydog "Test 2: Whatever it is you do has to be received and retransmitted." (The person you pitch must retell it.) #swc11 (link)

MikeMonello "Once you have fans, then you have the power that you don't have with just the pitch talking." #swc11 (link)

JesseAlbert "Typically, where there was a visual" when he was at ICM "..the less it was diluted" as it was moved along. #swc11 (link)

MikeMonello "You have to plan for what it is you want to accomplish. 'What should I put out in the world to get me there?'" #swc11 (link)

mikemonello "It's really important to truly understand the business, even if you don't have much to do with it." #swc11 (link)

Kenneth Swezey: "The agent makes the market for you...what we do on the legal side is make your deal with the agent." #swc11 (link)

JesseAlbert "I don't think many agents are ready to handle #transmedia" and explain multiplatform to executives. #swc11 (link)

Look What Tech Can Do! How Will Technical Innovation Change the Business and Nature of Storytelling?

(all tweets by @Porter_Anderson)

Here at StoryWorldConf, we're now starting a panel, "How Will Tech Innovation Change the Business and Nature of Storytelling?" #swc11 (link)

GeneBecker is Layar’s US-based AR Strategist #swc11 (link)

Nina Lassam ( nlassam ) handles marketing as well as publisher and author relationship at Wattpad #swc11 (link)

OrenJacob is with Toy Talk #swc11 (link)

OrenJacob "On the tools side, tech innovation means doing something you haven't yet described." #swc11 (link)

GeneBecker "The concept of augmented reality has been around...But tipping points enable creativity that didn't exist before." #swc11 (link)

nlassam "Technology makes innovation democratic. It can be me or your next door neighbor." #swc11 (link)

OrenJacob "We teach improvisational acting to anybody at Pixar University. When up on stage, you hit that spontaneous moment." #swc11 (link)

GeneBecker "People with the most interesting ideas about augmented reality come from the humanities...or are poets." #swc11 (link)

Moderator TheBradKIng "How are people supposed to keep up with the speed of innovation?" #swc11 (link)

nlassam "I think discoverability is a huge problem for #transmedia projects. And not just on Wattpad." #swc11 (link)

GeneBecker "There's an Occupy George augmented reality emerging #transmedia phenomenon." #swc11 (link)

OrenJacob "Finding the right medium that supports a #story and the right audience for it...can be wildly successful." #swc11 (link)

Moderator TheBradKIng: "I feel like we should think about the tools when we create a story" so intent carries successfully. #swc11 (link)

OrenJacob "I think there's a difference between spectacle and storytelling." He uses Occupy as an effort without clear story. #swc11 (link)

nlassam uses Amanda_Hocking as an example of pushing your material into public view to scale up audience over time. #swc11 (link)

OrenJacob "There are people who do make it in terms of scalable new platforms show up, these chances do exist." #swc11 (link)

orenjacob "When you find the right platform for an gives us #storytellers an amazing crowbar" to scale up. #swc11 (link)

Q&A for panel brings up the issue of story obsolescence. GeneBecker "Think of this tech as ephemeral, not archival." #swc11 (link)

OrenJacob "For folks who previously had control of what you provided...the transition (via tech) can be kind of hair-raising." #swc11 (link)

GeneBecker "The entire world is growing a digital dimension. Figuring out how we tell a big question." #swc11 (link)

We're finishing up with the Tech Innovation panel now at StoryWorldConf. Back 3:45pPT / 6:45p ET. #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Q&A commentary: If tech, money, receptive audience were all perfectly supportive, what would #transmedia look like? #swc11 (link)

Show Me The Money

(all tweets by @Porter_Anderson)

Contentflow: BFree63 "Our goal was to create IP we owned 100%. The real money is in the long tail...revenue for decades to come." #swc11 (link)

BizModels: Q&A ... question on getting initial funding before proof-of-audience (needs seed money). #swc11 (link)

BizModels: You can pitch funding resources for R&D dollars (as seed money for the innovation & creation of a project). ianginn #swc11 (link)

NarrDesign: Flint Dille: "I would argue that Area 51 is the best rabbit hole ever paid for by taxpayer money." #swc11 (link)

We're now starting a panel titled "Show Me the Money" at StoryWorldConf #swc11, moderated by ianginn (link)

Ana Serrano (acserrano) is founder and director of CFC Media Lab cfcmedialab #swc11 (link)

cfcmedialab "Canada is a rich country for financing models, but not necessarily for business models." #swc11 (link)

acserrano In Canada, "the next evolution of the cfcmedialab looks at how to develop audience unlock funds." #swc11 (link)

cfrcmedialab: "You need to be a storyteller, you need to be a technologist, and you need to be an entrepreneur." #swc11 (link)

gmdclark "Our first goal every time is how much financing does it take to get (a project) to a point of sustainability?" #swc11 (link)

Brian Clark ( gmdclark ) is CEO and partner with GMD Studios #swc11 (link)

gmdclark "To me...artists are trying to say something about life, about the human condition" rather than simply entertain." #swc11 (link)

Marcus Gillezeau ( stormsurfers ) is principal partner with Firelight Productions #swc11 (link)

stormsurfers talks the panel through the Firelight production financial structure. (govt funding, TV licensing, etc.) #swc11 (link)

stormsurfers shows a slide, finally, with a busy distribution network model, part of Firelight's "backend" funding formula. #swc11 (link)

Andrea Phillips ( andrhia ) is a #transmedia writer, game designer, and #author at StoryWorldConf #swc11 (link)

andrhia raised seed money via kickstarter: "We get to focus on the thing were making, and not the revenue model." #swc11 (link)

andrhia "The point is to make what we can with what we have," augmenting Kicktstarter seed money with other initiatives. #swc11 (link)

gmdclark "In the US, we need to think of purpose-driven business models that are about sustainability" (incl charging fans) #swc11 (link)

gmdclark "With a big studio, you describe to a brand what they'll get for their money. In entrepreneurship, that's harder." #swc11 (link)

Q&A commentary includes a kind of disclaimer about #Canadian activity and funding in #transmedia. #grassreallygreener? #swc11 (link)

We're concluding the "Show Me the Money" panel at StoryWorldConf and setting up for "The Way Forward," the day's final session. #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Q&A commentary: If tech, money, receptive audience were all perfectly supportive, what would #transmedia look like? #swc11 (link)

The Way Forward

(all tweets by @Porter_Anderson)

WayForward: Alison Norrington (storycentral) is the StoryWorldConf Chair and Founder of StoryCentral DIGITAL #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Vivi Zigler, president, digital entertainment, NBC Universal #swc11 (link)

WayForward: TimKring, multiplatform storyteller familiar to fans of "Heroes" #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Jeff_Gomez is CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment,, a major producer of #transmedia franchises #swc11 (link)

WayForward: albert_cheng, EVP and COO, Digital Media, Disney ABC Television Group #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Alison Norrington (storycentral) "At every level, an obstacle is language. Initially, just to break down that" is key. #swc11 (link)

WayForward: TimKring "Heroes started with a very simple idea of wanting to reach the audience where they were." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Vivi Zigler: "We sat down and drew an old-fashioned pen-to-paper picture...wanted to wait to see what stories evolved." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Vivi Zigler "We broke it down so there was the official Heroes site"...TimKring "and we created a fan portal." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: TimKring "It's important to note Heroes all really started from one idea. Once that took hold, we expanded from there." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Jeff_Gomez "Having people who are well-placed is a help...we as producers can build bridges between visionaries." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Vivi Zigler "'I said I'm a TV girl wearing #digital clothing.' Really good marketing engages the user the same way." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: alberg_cheng Looked at TV audience members "using the #iPad in front of the TV set...How do we create a deeper level?" #swc11 (link)

WayForward: alberg_cheng "The promise of what storytelling could do" with the Oscars "...broke into three acts." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: BrianSethHurst asks "Is storytelling leading technology? Or is technology leading storytelling" in #transmedia #swc11 (link)

WayForward: StoryCentral "It's a no-brainer question for me, story is right in the middle of all that." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: TimKring "I agree 100% on story, (but) this flood of technology has shifted the paradigm in how I *think* about story." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: TimKring "I've become less interested in creating the content, and more interested in co-creating the content." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Vivi Zigler: When good technologists collaborate "in a give-and-take" with story, "that's where the magic happens." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: albert_cheng "One thing we learned from Grey's Anatomy" was not to interrupt the user experience. #swc11 (link)

WayForward: BrianSethHurst "'Now I have this 360 immersive thing.' Do you have to take responsibility" for the IP as it scales up? #swc11 (link)

WayForward: TimKring "How do you create a world where fans can find each other things can be created 'out there?'" #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Vivi Zigler Involved fans are "self-selecting (and) will be the first to call 'foul' if you step away from the story." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Q&A commentary: If tech, money, receptive audience were all perfectly supportive, what would #transmedia look like? #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Jeff_Gomez "My story simply cannot exist without your participation. I'm telling it but you're in it." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Vivi Zigler "I'm going to go with a mystery...where you don't even know if you're the murderer or not." #swc11 (link)

WayForward: storycentral "People could jump in and out...pick and choose what they like" (in her idea of a storytelling utopia). #swc11 (link)

WayForward: Jeff_Gomez "Yes, there is a danger but we have the responsibility to remind people these are liberating technologies." #swc11 (link)

We're now nearing the conclusion of the WayForward panel and main sessions of StoryWorldConf in San Francisco. #swc11 (link)